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Special Mention for the Experience Most Supported by the OIDP Community

Implementation of Trash To Cash Program in the City of Lipa

City of Lipa, Philippines

Number of the inhabitants

Between 250,000 and 1,000,000 inhabitants

Promoting entity

LGU-Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines


2020 - ongoing

Type of experience

Citizen initiative

Territorial scope


Thematic area

Environment / Climate change
and/or urban agriculture
Training / learning Economy and/or finances Social inclusion


SDG 1 SDG 3 SDG 8 SDG 8 SDG 10 SDG 11 SDG 12 SDG 13

Objective of the experience

  • Community empowerment


Lipa City, strategically nestled between the bustling international port cities of Manila and Batangas City in the Philippines, boasts a rich historical lineage tracing back to the Bornean Tribe and the complex influences of Eastern Indian and Western Spanish civilizations. Its development into a thriving municipality and later city in 1947 was shaped by centuries of cultural exchange and colonial history.

In recent times, the City Government of Lipa has embarked on an innovative waste management initiative, the Trash to Cash Project, engaging all 72 barangays in comprehensive waste segregation and incentivising residents to participate by offering goods and household necessities in exchange for collected recyclable materials. This multifaceted program not only addresses the pressing concerns of waste burning and illegal dumping but also fosters sustainable practices and community engagement for the benefit of the city's 56,105 households.

The Trash to Cash Project, a flagship inter-agency collaboration led by the City Environment and Natural Resources Office, has not only effectively curbed the detrimental effects of open burning and illegal dumping but has also garnered significant environmental and social benefits for Lipa City.

Through meticulous waste segregation at the source, the project has managed to accumulate a substantial 1,828 bags of cement, equivalent to 1 ton of waste, in collaboration with Republic Cement and Building Materials Inc. Moreover, the program has directly impacted over 56,000 households, providing them with essential groceries and household items, including educational resources catering to online students, fostering a sustainable and inclusive approach to waste management and community welfare in Lipa City.