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Fighting Environmental Degradation Around a National Park: The Case of Kahuzi Biega National Park in DRC

South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Promoting entity



June 2021 - January 2022

Type of experience:

Mobilization and sensitization of the citizens for the protection of the environment of the National Park

Objective of the experience

The general objective is to allow people to be themselves actors of the protection of biodiversity, animal or vegetable, through income generating activities.

Territorial scope

The territories bordering the natural park

Thematic area

  • Environment, climate change and/or urban agriculture
  • Local development
  • Social inclusion

Our experience on the integration of the Park's residents in the community and their resilience is a gain that MKAAJI MPYA can say it has achieved in the 6 months of implementation. Our fight is to make communities and peoples resilient to certain situations such as climate change, the integration of an agriculture adapted to the three pillars of sustainable development, we advocate the adaptation of farmers to modern farming in rural areas.

This experience also puts a focus on the life of rural communities considered as people without resources, without intelligence to produce capital for themselves. Our experience has made a decolonization of this mentality which plants social imbalances in the communities and compromises their blooming, this has normally passed by the creation of 5 agricultural cooperatives which have been well registered at the level of the chiefdom of Buhavu in the territory of Kalehe and the chiefdom of Nindja in the territory of Kabare which have created opportunities for restructuring and commercialization of the products of the fields produced by the local farmers

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