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Gavà Participates, Gavà Decides: Together We Make Neighborhood.

  • Catalonia
  • City Council of Gava


1- In Together We Make Neighborhood can participate: all residents over 16 years and the business owners, who even they do not live in the municipality, they have their commercial activity based on Gavà.
2- The proposals can not exceed the 35.000 € in order to guarantee the diversity of actions to implement with the 500.000 € of the total burget allocated for the program.
3- There are a total of 51 proposals to vote by citizens: 28 submitted by the City Hall and 23 by the population of Gavà. 395 was the number of citizen proposals at the beginning of the process. 183 passed the public avaluation phase. Finally only 23 were included in the final list due to many of the 183 matched with other proposals already existing.
4- The timing of the participative process is: there are two phases to participate, the first one from the 17th of May to the 12th of June to make proposals. Then the City Hall assess them technically and economically until the 4th of July. Since that moment until the 5th of September the citizens can vote 5 initiatives from the list of 51. The citizen can give 5 points to the project which they considere the most important and then regressively until to give 1 point to the less preferential among the 5 proposals chosen.
5- Participation channels: it is possible to participate through the website of the participative platform, via a mobile application developed by the City Hall, and with paper ballots located in 18 public spaces like the City Hall, councillorships of neighborhoods, public markets, libraries and sports areas.