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Consultation about the future of the Stoke Park in Bristol

  • United Kingdom
  • Bristol City Council

Bristol Consultation Hub is a site that will help citizens find and participate in consultations that interest you.  Recently updated consultations are displayed. Users can also search for consultations by keyword, postcode, interest etc. In this case, they are consulting about the future of the Stoke Park.


Open to all citizens, but especially thought of neighbors and regular users of the park.


They are consulting on a long term plan for Stoke Park, a Grade II registered historic park, which aims to find a balance between protecting its important historic and ecological features, such as the World War 2 anti- aircraft gun  battery, as well ensuring they provide a range of opportunities for people to enjoy the parkland. Improvements need to be made to Stoke Park and there is now an opportunity to bid for £3m of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  Consultation on proposals for where this funding and any future funding should be spent is essential so that money gets spent in the right places.  We want to know what the priorities for improvement are for visitors to the estate, and also what would encourage visitors from across the city to visit.

The consultation has some questions about the uses of the park and which improvements should be done. Some of the proposals are:

  • Replant parkland trees and, thin out scrub.

  • Maintain and repair the park’s historic structures (walls, follies and ponds)

  • Encourage and welcome local communities to take part in all types of activity in the park

  • Create a new visitor car park

RemarksBristol City Council has a site where citizens can take part in Consultations about different issues in the city (Consultation Hub). Users can find consultations and check the issues we have recently consulted on and their outcomes (We asked, you said, we did)

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