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Senior Participatory Budgeting in Alfândega da Fé

  • Portugal
  • Municipality of Alfândega da Fé
  • This experience was presented at the 10th IOPD Award

This experience was presented at the 10th IOPD Award (2016)


The senior participatory budget of Alfândega da Fé is an initiative of the Senior Municipal Council and the Municipality of Alfândega da Fé, which aims to give all citizens over 60 years, the opportunity to participate in making decisions about municipal investments, approaching public policies to the needs of the elderly.

By subscribing to the Dublin declaration as "Alfândega da Fé: community friendly with seniors", the municipality took over the following commitments: To raise awareness of the rights of the elderly valuing the cultural, economic and social participation ; Ensure participation of older people in the community decisions in a structured way by promoting innovation and change; improve the conditions offered to the elderly by creating an urban environment that promotes healthy aging and trying to involve and listen to older people to better define your needs.

This line of intervention, the municipality took a step forward in the appeal to the public and participation of older people, with the creation of the Senior Municipal Council and the Senior PB.

The senior participatory budget emerged from the desire to improve the exercise of participation, active and responsible citizenship in order to strengthen the credibility of institutions and the quality of democracy itself, encouraging interaction between the elected members, technical / municipal and / elderly person in the search for solutions to improve the quality of life in the county.

With an annual budget of 10,000 euros to implement the PB Senior concern of the city is shown with an aging population and demand for measures to provide a good quality of life for older people, implementing policies and actions to promote active aging, giving voice to older people, calling them to make decisions on processes and projects that affect them directly.