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Hey! Tenerife

  • Spain
  • Cabildo de Tenerife
  • This experience was presented at the 11th IOPD Award

This first phase, Hey Tenerife! Constitutes a territorial experience for the implementation of the actions of the "Strategic Framework of Participation" in the island, in collaboration with local councils and other social actors. Hey! Tenerife, to be a wake-up call, an invitation to dialogue to promote Citizen Participation and Good Governance in all the municipalities of the island.

This experience was recognized with a Special Mention in the 11 Award IOPD "Best Practice in Citizen Participation" (2017


Within the objectives marked by the experience "Hey! Tenerife" for this first phase developed over two years (2015-2016), we highlight:

  • Implementation of the implementation of the "Code of Good Governance" at the territorial level.
  • Implementation of the actions of the "Strategic Framework", focused from the 7 axes that comprise it, in all the municipalities of the island.


To carry out these objectives has been work in the last two years, from three fundamental aspects:

1. Sensitization of different groups from different levels: childhood, seniors, technicians, associations, etc.

2. Training, as a key action that allows to generate an authentic culture of participation in the island.

3. The Information, emphasizing in a special way the communication of the experience Hey! Tenerife, through the elaboration of the Communication and Dissemination Plan "Hey! Participate ", whose actions have been developing.


The performance set Hey! Tenerife, has addressed an estimated population of 850,000 people, on the island of Tenerife. It is a direct action strategy towards citizenship, in which all the channels of diffusion have been used to attract the target public, made up of groups, entities and social agents of participation.

At the internal level, it is also worth noting the participation of more than 1,100 civil sevants, most of them technicians from the town hall and other entities, experts and professionals in the field. As an example, only training through ECCA Radio, has about 1000 people.



The experience "Hey! Tenerife" is developed on the island of Tenerife, promoted by the Cabildo Insular, and is part of the strategic actions carried out by this institution, to promote the culture of Citizen Participation and Democratic Governance on the island.

With a population of about 900,000 inhabitants, Tenerife has 31 municipalities distributed in five regions, where local administrations are key social actors of the island.

The complex economic situation in Tenerife in recent years, coupled with the growth of participation, as well as the need to integrate citizenship as part of public policies, leads the Cabildo de Tenerife to define its own strategy in this area.

In response to these needs, in 2013 the Cabildo created the Citizen Participation and Attention Area, supported by the Canary Law to Promote Citizen Participation and the Law on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance.

Throughout 2013 and 2104 work is in the creation of adequate mechanisms and actions for citizens to access government decisions by promoting collaboration with municipalities focused on co-management at the insular level. Thanks to the Approval of the document "Strategic Framework for Participation" it was possible to carry out the renewal of governance structures.

This document articulates the policies of citizen participation at the insular level, and is composed of 111 actions distributed in the 7 fundamental axes:

  • Normative
  • Participatory Culture
  • Training
  • Methodologies and Management
  • Participatory Processes and Channels of Participation
  • Communication
  • Associations and Volunteering

"Hey! Tenerife" encompasses the actions of the Cabildo de Tenerife for the implementation of the "Strategic Framework" from the 7 axes, on the island.



The performances by “Hey! Tenerife “seek to inculcate and educate citizens and other social actors, in the value of participation, aimed at a change of social model, which promotes the culture of participation in society. To this end, an internal strategy has been developed within the institution, and on the other, the external strategy directed towards citizenship.


INTERNAL STRATEGY. It is focused on a culture change that has undoubtedly allowed for an improvement in administrative procedures, eGovernment, improvement of public service, improvement of citizen care, and the imposition of open government and citizen participation processes, reinforcing Thus the transparency indicators of the entity.

In this first phase of awareness they have developed “Audiovisual Pills” of didactic-informative nature, among other actions. Work has also been done internally by departments, focusing on the concepts and tools of government Open and participatory methodologies. In this sense, the Open Government Technical Board has been created which supervises the monitoring and evaluation of the actions that have been carried out within the Hey! Tenerife. Also, as a result of the work developed from the eGovernment, 21 new procedures have been incorporated.

Another aspect to emphasize within the internal strategy of the corporation has been the elaboration of Participatory Processes as part of its strategy in public policies. A clear example has been the “Regulation of the Park of Teno” through participatory processes, through the platform of as pilot experience. It is important that all stages of a participatory process are characterized by transparency, information and feedback with the community.


EXTERNAL STRATEGY. The external strategy towards citizenship is based on different actions, programs and pilot projects that follow the structure of the axes of the Strategic Framework, as implementation of the same at insular level, as follows


Advice to the nine Law of Municipal Regulations, developing a “Regulation Type” for municipalities.


In this first phase has been developed different campaigns to raise awareness of the different groups. As an example, it is located all over the island Hey Tents! As hot spots for information and advice on Citizen Participation, promoting activities and workshops to stimulate participation.


The formation of specialized programs in collaboration with the University of La Laguna has been promoted, as well as training courses in RACE ECCA, among others



This change of culture has led to the implementation of new working methodologies in the Area. The Complaints and Suggestions Regulations have been made for greater feedback with citizens.


A virtual platform has been designed to inform, propose and collect the opinions of citizens. Also, Hey! Tenerife, has other broadcast channels that encourage interaction with users


The Cabildo has developed the Plan of Communication and Dissemination to 3 years, Hey! It participates, which includes in detail the internal and external communication strategy, as well as the actions and tools to carry out, within the objectives set by this institution.


To foster associationism and volunteerism, a program has been developed to sponsor participatory projects that promote change in the culture of participation.

Among these projects we highlight the LIVING DESIGN LAB project: a pilot project that proposes a reflection on new models, methodologies and processes of collective design and local development, focused on the themes: Social Design, Graphic in Action and Participatory Architectures. This experience works with different communities and integrates participation-design-creativity in all processes developed, from the field of disability, community graphic action and the intervention of collective architectures.



The Island Council of Tenerife leads the initiative “Hey! Tenerife “since its commitment to the promotion of Citizen Participation, and in co-responsibility together with City Councils, Network of Local Entities, as well as the public office itself of the public administrations involved.

It is important to point out the willingness of the local entities to carry out the implementation of the participation actions in each municipality, as well as integrating these strategies in the municipalities themselves.

In the design and development of the different actions and programs of “Hey! Tenerife “has collaborated with municipalities and local entities, to take into account the specifics and needs of each of the different municipalities, in order to give a more close response to citizenship.

In this sense, from the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, promoter of the initiative Hey! Tenerife through different programs, actions and pilot projects, has sought to promote citizen participation throughout the island, fostering collaboration and cross-cutting between the various local public agents and entities.

Exercising leadership on the island has involved making efforts to:

  • To know: To know, to listen and to understand the aspirations, demands, capacities of the different groups, communities and communities of the territory.
  • Intermediary: Identify positions and interests, balance forces, create alternatives to constructively articulate the legitimate interests of different groups.
  • Create Vision: Facilitate a vision vision. Shared and integrated.
  • Collaborate: Build partnerships to drive change.
  • Convince and Move: Explain and communicate values, create culture



The transversality is one of the fundamental principles that the strategic framework document (adopted in 2014) includes in its strategic axes, which is why it is a commitment of the Cabildo de Tenerife to work from the transversality with all municipalities, groups, citizens, Tables of experts, associations ... etc, which contribute to the promotion of citizen participation from a more open and multi-directional vision.

The Citizen Participation and Attention Area works in close contact with all social actors in the territory, as part of the overall strategy promoted by the Cabildo de Tenerife, in which it promotes transversality among the different local entities, always respecting their competencies.

On the other hand, at the internal level within the Institution, it works transversally between the different Councils of the Cabildo of Tenerife. Among them, we highlight the collaboration in the issue of regulations and collaboration in the promotion of projects and actions that integrate participatory processes from other areas of government of the Cabildo.



The methodology of Hey! Tenerife is based on the “Strategic Framework” itself. Based on this document we establish a dynamic, flexible and participatory methodology, based also on the Participatory Research-Action (IAP) model. Starting from the IAP model, Hey! Tenerife emphasizes the promotion of a culture of participation, establishing the following phases for the implementation of the Framework document in the island territory:


  • DIAGNOSIS: In the previous phase of diagnosis, we have worked side by side, with the different social actors of a Community, to define their social reality and establish a map of local demands and needs at the insular level.
  • PLANNING: This phase has been developed over two years and in collaboration with the municipalities of the island, along with other social actors in the local area. A series of actions has been designed and planned jointly from the Previous diagnosis, attending to the demands and necessary detected. The return phase to the community has always been considered as a key element that guarantees the involvement of citizens.
  • EXECUTION: At this stage, the involvement of the different agents has been carefully taken care of, promoting the management of the tasks and the development of the project in a consensual way, by all parties.
  • FOLLOW-UP: Throughout the development of the activities, the processes have been monitored in order to obtain the necessary indicators to be able to implement possible improvements in the next phases and / or other projects.

The protagonism of the citizens from the beginning in the experience Hey! Tenerife has been one of the key starting premises. It is important, therefore, to make identification and planning with participatory methodologies, whose methodologies have been contemplated in each and every one of the phases of the process



The total amount for the realization of this experience in 2016, from the Area of Participation and Citizen Care, has a total budget of € 3,637,267.26; Which represents a 5.7% of the budget with which the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife counts, amounting to 648.048.000,00 €. 



The dissemination of information is a fundamental part of the methodology of work in any Citizen Participation project. The information must be clear and adapted to the levels of understanding of the different agents. We have focused on this first phase in SENSITIZATION, DISSEMINATION AND TRAINING in the area of Citizen Participation. In particular, in explaining to the different agents what is the citizen participation, to educate in methodologies of participatory processes, to promote a culture of participation.

At first, internally, so that from the administration there is a change of mentality; This has been achieved thanks to the training, sensitization, and implementation of new work methodologies that responded to the Open Government strategy of the Cabildo de Tenerife, discussed above.

At external level, with informative meetings in municipalities and associations, the installation of tents in the various municipalities of the island to inform the public. In turn, the web platform itself, constantly updated, as well as broadcast on radio, print and local television. In this section the PLAN OF COMMUNICATION AND DISSEMINATION has been primordial as information strategy.




The first phase of implementation of the Strategic Framework, called Hey! Tenerife, has had an important impact at the level of citizenship, and in particular among the groups and social agents of the different municipalities of the island.

On the other hand, it highlights the importance of COMMUNICATION AND DISSEMINATION PLAN, Hey! It participates as a key element and articulator of strategies that have favored the implementation of participatory methodologies and processes in actions and proposals for local development.

The adoption of the Strategic Framework was already a fundamental starting point for the implementation of all mechanisms for participation; This has had a positive effect on all links of the administration and citizenship; In this sense more and more people, technicians and associations join the performances of Hey! Tenerife, promoted by the Cabildo de Tenerife.



The Evaluation of the processes is a tool in the service of the achievement of the objectives marked by the entity. The evaluation of the actions both internal and external, with qualitative methods (interviews) and quantitative (surveys).

Internally, the Open Government Technical Board is in charge of monitoring and evaluating the actions of Hey! Tenerife, coordinated from the Area of Participation and Citizen Care of the entity.

As for the methodology used in the Evaluation, control indicators have been used, as well as the Q & A Model (question answer), through surveys directed to the different social actors involved in the process. Among the control indicators for the evaluation, we have taken into account:

  • Indicators of physical presence
  • Indicators of impact
  • Results Indicators
  • Indicators of gender and social inclusion
  • Financial performance indicators



Among the activities developed at Hey! Tenerife, it is worth mentioning the PLAN OF COMMUNICATION and DISSEMINATION (Hey! Participates) as a key factor, pointing out the following actions:



It is a pilot project that develops real challenges projects in collaboration with all the educational institutions of the island and with different local communities. These are collective actions with students and professionals from the creative field focused on Social Design, Graphic in Action and Participatory Architectures. “Living Design Lab” achieves its fundamental objectives, in relation to the integration of participation and other creative disciplines, offering an innovative vision to the citizens.

One of the most relevant actions carried out was the project-challenge of the Social Design team, which worked with an INTEGRATION AND INCLUSIVE DESIGN approach aimed at groups with disabilities. The final proposal developed, in close collaboration with the public company SINPROMI, proposed the design and improvements of a low-cost wheelchair, as dissipositive and support products open to citizens.


Creation and composition of a Musical Hit, with the edition of a video clip for the promotion and the approach of the Citizen Participation to all the groups and social agents, affecting the new generations.


Campaign to broadcast BTL actions (below the line) of a Flash Mob in commercial areas, with the interpretation of the musical Hit Hey! Participates.



Application dossier

Comments from the jury

"Comprehensive and transversal approach to disseminating participation issues"