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Active and Responsible Participation Program (PB)

  • Argentina
  • Maipú City Council


In mid-2007 the municipality of Maipú in Mendoza, decided to implement its PB
in the framework of Active and Responsible Participation (PAR). This program is
held annually in the department is one of the greatest experiences that
recognizes runtime in the context of provincial experiences. In 2009 the Mayor
raised to City Council a draft ordinance to the effects of institutionalization and
formalization of the implementation methodology.

The PAR is defined as a mechanism for community participation through which
the municipality allocates a portion of budgetary resources, so that residents of
each district can decide through discussion and consultation, how to use and
invest a percentage of government revenue next year. It is considered as a
form of co-management with local authorities to decide the management of
public resources and participate in the design, development and implementation
of public policies, establishing new channels linking state and local "Maipú
residents." The certificate program is in its full scope: Design, Development and
Monitoring System for Quality Management since 2009.