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Project Robin Hood

  • Australia
  • City of Melville
  • This experience was presented at the 8th IOPD Award

This experience was presented to the 8th Distinction "Best Practice in Citizen Participation"


This project supports the involved and engaged, and sense of community aspirations in the City of Melville Strategic Community Plan, People, Places, Participation 2012-2017; the strategic objectives in the Corporate Plan to contribute to community resilience and a vibrant and connected community and supports the business excellence principles around leadership and gaining and using knowledge of customers and other stakeholders.
In addition Project Robin Hood aligns with the City�s Strategic Engagement Framework and Council Policy which states a commitment to �effective and appropriate relationships with its various stakeholders. It is further recognised that authentic and well-planned Stakeholder Engagement leads to positive outcomes for the community and creates more responsive policies, more appropriate planning decisions, better delivery of services and an improvement in the sustainability of programs and services.�
In 2012 several things came together to present an opportunity for a participatory budgeting project:
? Research around what could enhance opportunities for community participation had discovered the participatory budgeting model in 2011 and been bought to the attention of the Executive Management Team as something to consider
- In the review of the Strategic Community Plan the community identified increased opportunities for involvement and engagement with the City as key aspirations
- The elected Councillors had endorsed a Stakeholder Engagement Policy demonstrating commitment to community engagement practice in December 2011
- Our on-line community engagement software provider had developed a new Budget Allocator product allowing participants to input directly $ amounts to �vote� on projects
- The City�s Youth Advisory Committee had grown in numbers (young people aged between 16 and 25 years, who live, work, play, learn or invest in the City) and was looking for suitable activities.
At the 2011-12 mid years budget review City of Melville Council supported the allocation of $100,000 for a participatory budget project.