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OSOIGO.COM where elected politicians answer your questions

  • Spain
100 politicians from 16 different political parties participate answering questions from citizens. In these seven months more than 30,000 citizens have received a response.


Improve the relationship between citizens and politicians.


Internet users.


7 months have passed since we launched A website where citizens formulate their political question and politicians responds. It’s an exercise of transparency and public communication. More than 100 politicians have agreed to participate in the initiative.

In these seven months more than 30.000 citizens have received an answer. works this way: A citizen asks a question, and Osoigo tells him the amount of supports needed to reach in 10 days. When the question gets the required amount of supports, Osoigo sends it to the politician, who is committed to answer it.

When politician answers the question, the answer it sent to all the users who have supported the question.