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Introduction of participatory democracy in Tunisia

  • Tunisia
  • The Associative Action


The Action Associative is a non-governmental organization founded in March 2012.

Through its vision, programs and funding’s, it applies the principles of state of law, of democracy, of pluralism, of diversity, of transparency, of equality and of universal human rights.

The objectives of the Associative Action are:

1. Contribution to social, economic and cultural development of the Tunisian cities and towns.

2. Capacity Building of local civil society organizations.

3. Promotion of universal values of citizenship and human rights.

4. Contribution to the construction of trustful relationship between the citizen and the institutions of the state.

Since its foundation, The Action Associative realized two programs:

- Access to Justice – Justice for all

- Eye on the Budget

Partners of The Associative Action’s programs:

1. International Partners:

2. Associative Partners:

The Associative Action concluded partnership and collaboration agreements with several Tunisian associations to facilitate the identification of potential beneficiaries of its activities in different Tunisian regions.

3. Governmental Partners:

- The units of Social Affairs in several Tunisian towns, working under the direction of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

- The Regional Inspectorate of Labour of Tunis.

- The Centers of Protection and Social Integration in several Tunisian towns, working under the direction of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

- Seven municipalities in the North and the South of Tunisia.


- MEPI (US) : The Middle East Partnership Initiative


- GIZ : The German Development Cooperation


- EED : The European Fund for Democracy (2014).

- The Friedrich Naumann Fondation (2014)

- Avocats Sans Frontières – The European Union (2015)