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Social and Community Development Plan of Trinitat Nova

  • Catalonia
  • Ajuntament de Barcelona


- To curb the trend towards the neighbourhood’s conversion into a sort of social-assistance ghetto. - To introduce elements of renewal and strengthening of its population’s social, organisational and participative processes. To introduce improvements in three directions: quality of life productive and commercial structure and relations of the neighbourhood and its inhabitants with their social and urban setting (district, city, etc.).


It works with: neighbourhood men and women, groups, associations, professionals of the services acting in the territory (schools, social services, etc.) and public institutions (Municipality, Nou Barris District, Government of Catalonia).


Activities: Listing of projects currently in operation: 1. Information (Internal). 2. External information-dissemination. 3. Parent associations. 4. Lifelong adult education. Non-regulated education support. 5. Promotion of older adults. "Pensioner and Active, Too". 6. A path to citizens. Neighbourhood identity, values. 7. Organisation of the Neighbourhood. 8. Youth. Support to youth associations. 9. Dynamising children’s activities. "The Attic". 10. Holiday calendar. Enrichment of cultural offerings. 11. Technical Committee. Interdisciplinary work of services. 12. Adolescents. Conflict prevention and action. 13. Education for sustainability. 14. TRINITAT inNOVAtes. 15. ÒMNIA Project for access to new technologies. 16. Socio-educational Commission. 17. "Learning to Learn". Socio-occupational orientation service. 18. Economic development: "APROP" proximity services.

Assessment: Working groups have been formed for the main lines of promotion of the neighbourhood: urban reform, associationism, economic dynamisation, and education: - Citizens organise themselves to work mainly on matters of urban planning and education. - The Technical Committee, which is organised in specific subcommissions, brings together the services present in the neighbourhood. - The Community Team, formed by three professionals contracted by the Neighbourhood Association, is essential to maintain the dynamics of the Plan. - Proximity services have been implemented: Attention to persons and attention to homes. Proposals on economic dynamisation have been developed for the old facilities of the Water Company (CINA). - The Administrations finance the Plan and form part of a Follow-up Commission that evaluates the work performed it does not have management duties, but rather guidance functions.