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Activation protocol of empty spaces by Transversal Landscape (#EgiaMapa Project)

  • Spain
  • Project launched by the International Centre for Contemporary Culture Tabakalera in collaboration with Transversal Landscape (“Paisaje Transversal”).
The #EgiaMapa project starts a participatory process based on the idea of “urbanism meanwhile”, in which reflects on public space and integration in the city doing a collaborative map, in which listed unused spaces and potential spaces, so the neighborhood agents can have places in which develop their activity in the Egia neighborhood in Donostia.


#EgiaMapa starts as an urbanism and mediation process in which identify, together with citizens and neighborhood socio-cultural agents, the spaces with a lack of activity and propose new uses for them.

The objective of the first phase of the project was to create a collective cartography and a catalogue of underutilized spaces in which the needs and proposals of the citizens were collected. The process went through various strategies as well as participatory workshops with local stakeholders, collection of opinions on various public facilities in the neighborhood and also holding an open event in which a playful drift through the neighborhood was developed for all ages. This allowed a greater knowledge of the neighborhood and decided new uses in a collectively way for the new areas identified.

From the results obtained in the first phase emerged the need to work on strategies to implement such initiatives obtained. With this objective it was decided to design an activation protocol adapted to the needs of the neighborhood. In this second phase the different regulations and bureaucratic procedures affecting the development of activities in both public spaces such as shopping centres were analysed. After this study, activation protocols were developed taking into account their public or private origin.

Currently, these protocols are already being used for development activities in the public space.