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Encouraging Community Organizations. Example of Participation

  • Colombia
  • City of Medellin
“Encouraging to Community Organizations Examples of Participation”, it is a contest through which aims to encourage the promotion and strengthening of initiatives of community action to contribute to the transformation and the building of the city of Medellin.


The Community Organizations Example Citizenship award is the delivery of 300 monthly minimum wages to be distributed among 10 community action boards the criteria presented in the following categories: equity and social justice; participation and social innovation; transparency and legality; solidarity and non-violence.

The main objectives are to recognize community organizations as key players for the development of the community, selecting initiatives to promote actions in favour of community development, strengthen organizations working for the common good, legality and search initiatives consistent with democracy and encourage community leadership.

In order to ensure the election of the best initiatives put forward that is, the winner, the following evaluation criteria are defined: community organization, experience in social projects and the initiative represented by each organization according to the category in which it participates.

As it regards the award is 300 Monthly Legal Minimum Wages equivalent to $ 193,305,000. First place in each category will be awarded with $ 25,774,000.00 and second with $ 12,887,000.00.