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Management plan of aragonese cooperation for 2016/2019 development

  • Spain
  • Government of Aragon


The director plan of aragonese cooperation for development 2016/2019 consists in the elaboration of a main document through a participatory process involving stakeholders in the aragonese cooperation like local entities of the Autonomous Commission for Development Cooperation, representatives of the Aragonese Council for Development Cooperation, institutions, NGOs and economic and social agents. So the Director Plan shall determine the geographical and sectorial priorities that will be governed by the Aragonese Cooperation for the next four years.

Through the portal "Aragonanticipa" you can make in telematics way and through a form, those contributions that the various actors deem appropriate.
The participation process is supplemented by two types of sessions. A first briefing and discussion session in which discuss the document that sets the model raised some workshops:

Workshop 1: General Issues + geographical and sectorial priorities.

Workshop 2: The Aragonese strategy of education for Development.

At the same time to facilitate the participation of those stakeholders who cannot attend the sessions and want to participate, is enabled an online space in which the contributions made by these actors be collected ( 

With social networks like Facebook and Twitter will be reported on the workshops, the issues discussed, photographs will be published...