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The redevelopment of the Place des Festivals and its surroundings: From citizen diagnosis to participatory redevelopment

  • France
  • Paris 19th City Council
This experience was presented as candidate for the 9th IOPD Award for Best Practices in Citizen Participation in 2015.


By deciding to involve as early in the process the people through the Place des Fêtes neighborhood Council, the 19th City Council wanted the inhabitants and users are fully involved in their community and its future.

In Paris 19, local democracy has taken a different magnitude with that possibility of also address technical issues such as urban planning and roads. 18 years after the launch of the first Councils of districts and the first referendums on various urban projects: reducing urban avenue Jean Jaurès routes, urban renewal in Michelet residence;

Place des Fêtes neighborhood Council goes one step further by participating in the reflection from the beginning of the redevelopment project and supporting the entire process until the citizen referendum and the implementation of the urban project.


The redevelopment of the Place des Fêtes is regularly discussed topic in recent years on the district council.

Indeed, people want to think with the City Council of the 19th to the different uses they make the place for best able to appropriate this space.


In 2012, the animated group of local Council decided to conduct a diagnosis, the first step before a future redevelopment in order to obtain the views of residents. A questionnaire was distributed by members of the neighborhood Council were strongly mobilized. The return rate was particularly satisfactory as the 5800 questionnaires distributed, there were about 1000 returns. The service road and travel accompanied the neighborhood Council throughout this process, since the construction of the questionnaire to analyzing the results.


A total of 937 responses have been analyzed (1/3 on the internet - 2/3 by paper). 85% of those who responded to the questionnaire live on the site itself or nearby.


A methodology for consultation is then conducted by the Mayor of the 19th.

The objectives of the consultation:

- Identify the uses are the inhabitants of the Place des Fêtes and its surroundings

- Understanding the expectations and needs of residents and users

- To enrich and clarify the program from comments from the consultation

The redevelopment schedule:

2012: Questionnaire prepared by the neighborhood Council

- Over 900 responses collected

- November 2012: Public meeting to present the results of the questionnaire

2013 : Designation programmiste (agences AME and Trait Clair) and the organization of consultation

- December 2013: launch of the consultation conducted by the City Council of the 19th, the DVD and programmiste

2014: From January to June: Five participatory workshops were carried out:

- Workshop 1: Launch of the workshops

- Workshop 2: Diagnostic merchant

- Workshop 3: How 'neighborhood'

- Workshop 4: The challenges of mobility

- Workshop 5: What accommodations for what purposes

- June: results restitution Public Meeting

-          November 19, 2014: Public Meeting presentation of scenarios - Over 300 attendees

-          Future Steps: 8 to 14 December 2014: voting to choose the programming scenario of Place des Festivals. An Internet platform is created specifically for the project:

This site is dedicated to the vote clearly indicates that it is to allow users-citizens-residents to express their views on the Place des Fêtes.


Once the scenario adopted, the redevelopment project will be always developed in a participatory approach. Work will begin the end of 2016 for a period of two years.

At the scale of a borough, the project has managed to combine the beginning to the end of a process over 300 people actively and regularly and 5000 by a dedicated communication and a major innovation projects planning and development.


At Paris19, classical consultation took the form of a real co-production on two possible management options such as space formed by the Agency Trait Clair.

Architects, planners, city departments have worked with residents to produce scenarios that may be subject to citizens and especially feasible vote.


Here we talk about participation, not just consultation or information because of the five workshops have arisen proposals from residents and users represented by the two scenarios that will be submitted to a vote of 8 to 14 December 2014.