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Citizen Participation Model

  • Mexico
  • San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México
This experience was presented as candidate for the 9th IOPD Award for Best Practices in Citizen Participation in 2015.


Citizen Participation Model

Scheme of the Municipality Citizen Participation Scheme

Local Government 2012-2015

Secretary of Participation and Citizen Attention

San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México

November 2014

San Pedro Garza García is one of the 51 municipalities of Nuevo León, it has 122,000 inhabitants in 72 square kilometers, the population of 15 years or more have an average educational level of 12.09 years and its GDP per capita is the higher of Mexico exceeding $ 42,000.

According to the Human Development Index issued by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), which considers elements such as health, education and income, the municipality is located in a highly developed, being the second at national level.

The annual expense budget of the City is around 1.900 million pesos ($ 140 million).

Over the past 25 years the various councils have promoted the involvement of citizens in public affairs, together with other public policies of openness, transparency and accountability. It is been a permanent and transversal policy that has characterized the municipality.

The Model of Citizen Participation consists of the systematic collection of programs in order to incorporate the perspective and work of citizens in making and implementation of public decisions.

The objective of the model is to promote organized, collaborative and co-citizens in planning, deliberation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and municipal governance participation.

The model is divided into three sections with their respective programs:

A. Ways to Participate:

a. referendum

b. plebiscite

c. Citizens consultations

d. Citizen Initiatives

e. Participatory Budgeting

f. Submissions

g. Medal to the Citizen Merit

B. Organizations where citizens can participate:

a. Neighborhood Associations

b. Auxiliary judges

c. volunteering

d. Citizens Advisory Councils

e. Citizens comptrollers

f. Decentralized Agencies

g. Civil Society Organizations

  1. Tools for Participation:

a. Citizen audiences

b. Reports to Integral Citizen Service Center

c. Open Doors Complaints

d. Complaints to the City Commission for Citizens' Rights

e. Website

f. Social Networks

g. San Pedro Mobile

Recently, the City Council approved a new Regulation of Participation and Citizen Attention which integrates in a single system involvement schemes that were previously regulated independently, incorporating materials which were made without being normed and make new figures of participation in the municipality as the referendum, the plebiscite and the Municipal Commission for Citizens' Rights.

Moreover, the municipality has a record of more than 2000 citizens participating in 300 organizations or entities, associations, citizens’ advice, assistant judges, citizen’s comptrollers, voluntary and civil society.

The model encourages citizen participation, incorporates innovative schemes such as the definition and regulation of civil rights at the municipal level and mechanisms for their defense, is supported with a significant base of citizens, all public agencies have involvement and responsibility, as well as covering various mechanisms through which citizens can express and engage with their community.