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Neighborland is a community action platform for residents to collaborate with local organizations to take action on important issues.


A citizen who wants to organize a campaign sign up on the web (it is possible to do with profiles on Facebook or Twitter) and can perform a number of actions:

  • 1. Share ideas

Organizations ask questions that neighbors answer. What do you want in your neighborhood? The user makes a short description and uploads a video or image to pitch his idea.

  • 2. Gather support

Neighborland professionals provide tools to help users find supporters and invite stakeholders in their city. Want to spread the word even more? They also make it easy to share updates on Facebook and Twitter profiles.

  • 3. Take action

Neighborland enables likeminded people to make things happen through fundraisers, petitions, events and other actions.

All other citizens can participate in the actions implemented.

The keys of the campaigns that are carried out are:

  • Dialogue: the organizers are associations, NGOs, public agencies, .. campaigns begin mobilizing their followers through an open and transparent dialogue in public space (display of actions, eg in parks or other public roads).

  • Maps: Organizers’ questions and residents’ answers are displayed at the address, neighborhood, and city level with Google Maps.

  • Design: Residents need an easy to use and responsive application that works well across all devices. Neighborland provides an intuitive experience that works with Facebook, Twitter, and the mobile devices we all use every day.
    Organizers can theme Campaigns with a visual identity, or embed their Campaign on their own website with a javascript widget.

  • Toolkit: Organizers can apply our design toolkit to street-level engagement and events. You can buy stickers for $0.25/each or use our DIY Toolkit to print your own stickers or signs.

  • Tech: Neighborland provides all the technological innovation with safety and efficacy for the campaigns. Online statistics are used to work the campaign strategy.