Community development and participation in Togo: the case of AGAIB Plateaux



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SDG 16

Electronic reference Tossou Atchrimi, « Community development and participation in Togo: the case of AGAIB Plateaux », Field Actions Science Reports [Online], Special Issue 11 | 2014, Online since 21 September 2014, connection on 05 November 2014. URL :


In order to reinforce the capacity for action of local African communities, international organisations support “participatory” projects that encourage greater local involvement in the implementation of actions. By adopting a well-designed approach, with realistic projects that address precise needs, local communities can be given the techniques and resources for their economic and social emancipation, thereby combating poverty.

This mainly qualitative and documentary research follows activities of an AGAIB, an Agence d’Appui aux Initiatives de Base (Grassroots Initiative Support Agency) in Togo’s Plateaux region. This organisation has opted for a form of participatory democracy, enabling communities to take control of their situation through income generating activities (IGAs) and to participate at every step in projects that they themselves have initiated. To secure the future of these programs, however, and extend them to all Togolese communities, greater participation is required from the authorities.