logo Distinción Buena Práctica en Participación Ciudadana

Special Mention in the Decision category

Participatory Budget 2023-2024: Citizen Laboratories as innovation devices in the management of public policies

Rosario, Argentina

Number of the inhabitants

1.009.037 inahbitanmts

Promoting entity

Municipality of Rosario


January 2022 - ongoing

Type of experience

Participatory budgeting Participatory planning e-Government / Open government /
Digital platforms

Territorial scope


Thematic area

Education Transport / Mobility Urban management Health Environment / Climate change
and/or urban agriculture
Decentralisation Local development Training/capacity building Social inclusion


SDG 3 SDG 9 SDG 11 SDG 16 SDG 17

Objective of the experience

  • Connecting different participatory tools within a participatory democracy "ecosystem"
  • Improving the evaluation and monitoring of participatory democracy mechanisms


Rosario, Argentina, nestled on the banks of the Paraná River, thrives as a vibrant urban hub spanning 178.7 km2. A pivotal metropolis since 1852, it burgeons with a diverse populace of over a million, where women comprise 52.5% and the average life expectancy stands at 76.46 years. Despite economic activity encompassing a wide spectrum, the city grapples with a 6% unemployment rate and 22.8% impoverished households, yet remains below the national average. Renowned as a key global agro-export port, Rosario is a nexus of industrial might and service excellence, bolstered by robust transport networks and an international airport, facilitating its pivotal role in the nation's productive corridor.

Distinguished for its trailblazing ethos in Participation, Transparency, and Collaboration, Rosario has set a precedent globally. Spearheaded by former Mayor Hermes Binner, the city embarked on a journey of communal engagement, notably through its pioneering Participatory Budgeting program. Evolving over the years, this initiative has embraced technology and expanded its reach, fostering co-creation and collective intelligence.

Grounded in comprehensive community dialogue and reinforced by Citizen Laboratories, Rosario's dynamic governance strategy ensures inclusive, sustainable, and gender-sensitive projects. With an emphasis on aligning resident priorities with the government's core objectives, Rosario's participatory framework serves as a model for modern urban governance, nurturing a cohesive and thriving community.