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IOPD Award

The IOPD Award “Best Practice in Citizen Participation” recognises successful experiences of local and regional governments in the field of participatory democracy, citizen deliberation, community empowerment, open government, democratic innovation, and public participation..

The IOPD Distinction is your opportunity to showcase your work for a more inclusive and diverse participatory democracy on an international level! Be part of it!


Who can submit a proposal?

Any local or regional government. Organisations and individuals are also encouraged to submit their applications, only with the authorisation of their local and regional government.

How can I submit a proposal?


Being a member of the IOPD network

If you are not yet part of our network, become a member (without any financial obligation) by filling in this form before 1 May.


Prepare your application

  • We recommend you to carefully read the Terms of the Award and the Application Guidelines.
  • We recommend you read the form carefully before filling it in. We also encourage you to pay special attention to the final summary of the application, it is the text that will be posted on the ParticipateOIDP online platform to give international visibility to your practice. Do not hesitate to refer to the Application Guidelines.

Select your category

You must choose in which category you want to submit your practice:

A) Building more democratic and peaceful cities and territories
Any action, public policy and practice that seeks to improve democracy, generate trust among citizens and build peace through civic education, open government, transparency and renewal of institutions.

B) Urban management and public space
Any participatory, deliberative and co-creative action on public space and urban or territorial development.

C) Gender and care
Any policy to promote gender equality, the inclusion of specific groups commonly neglected (children, young people, elderly, diverse gender identities...), and ensuring public service provision to all.

D) Ecological Transition and Environment
Any participatory, deliberative or co-creative action to protect the environment and face the climate emergency guaranteeing social justice.

E) Civic Tech and AI
Participation, deliberation or co-creation through digital platforms, virtual processes and the use of Artificial Intelligence.


First stage

Application submissions

Submit your proposal by 15 May 2024.

Second stage

Jury evaluation by categories

A jury of experts, organised and divided according to the categories will evaluate the applications and choose the finalists for the award. These will be 50% of the applications received, with a maximum of 40 applications.

Third stage

Evaluation of the finalists: voting on the platform and jury analysis

All finalist applications will be published on the ParticipateOIDP online platform with a summary, links, and images. Open voting will be available for one week. Everyone is welcome to vote for their favourite practice! To participate, you must register on the platform. Choose a minimum of 5 nominations to have a valid vote.

In parallel, a jury of experts will also evaluate in detail the final candidates, reading all the documentation. Finally, once the popular vote is closed, the jury will meet to deliberate on the winner, taking into account the open vote.

Final stage

Publication of results and feedback

The delivery ceremony will take place during the 23rd IOPD Conference in Valongo, from 17-19 October 2024. The IOPD Secretariat will launch a digital publication compiling all the submissions.