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The Distinction "Best Practice in Citizen Participation" is an award given annually by the International Observatory on Participatory Democracy (IOPD) to recognize public policies implemented by local governments.

In this 12th edition of the "Best Practice in Citizen Participation" award, 65 local and regional governments have presented their candidacies, with nominations having been received from the following countries: Albania, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Indonesia, Italy, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mexico, Mozambique, Palestine, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey and Uruguay.

The proposals have been evaluated by an expert jury, having passed through a first stage of evaluation by all IOPD members via the PARTICIPATE OIDP platform. The purpose of this initial phase has been, on the one hand, to publicise all of the proposals and, on the other, to collect the opinions of members with regard to all relevant practices.

The International Jury has decided to award the 12th Distinction to the candidacy presented by the municipality of Taoyuan (Taiwan): “2017 Participatory Budgeting for Migrant Workers".

Furthermore the following have also been granted a Special Mention:

  • Águeda (Portugal): “The Sustainable Schools Project

  • Luhwindja (Democratic Republic of the Congo): "Local Government-NGO Partnership, Stepping Stone for the Advancement of Women"

  • Penang (Malaysia): "Our Money, Our Say!’ - Budgeting by Inclusion"

  • Sakha (Yakutia) Republic (Russia): "Yakutia LISP"

  • Valongo (Portugal): "A More Enlightened Community, a More Participative Community"

The material that we present is a synthesis of each of the different candidacies presented. The complete files of nominations will be published on the IOPD’s website experiences section.

We would like to pass on our special thanks to all of those local governments that took the time and made the effort to present a candidacy, along with all of the institutions that have helped us to spread this initiative and the network’s collaborating members who, as the Jury, took part in evaluating all of the different experiences presented.

XII Distinction

2017 Participatory Budgeting for Migrant Workers

Taoyuan (Taiwan)

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Special Mentions

  • The Sustainable Schools Project
    Águeda (Portugal)

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  • Local Government-NGO Partnership, Stepping Stone for the Advancement of Women
    Luhwindja (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

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  • Our Money, Our Say!’ - Budgeting by Inclusion
    Penang (Malaysia)

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  • Yakutia LISP
    Sakha (Yakutia) Republic (Russia)

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  • A More Enlightened Community, a More Participative Community
    Valongo (Portugal)

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Amanda Flety

Coordinator of the Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights a UCLG


Wagner Romao

Professor of Political Science in the Universidade de Campinas in Sao Paulo, Brasil


Laia Forné

Adviser for the Participation and Territory Department on the Barcelona City Council


Pablo Spada

Researcher and developer of the Participedia project


Katherine Knobloch

Assistant Professor at the Colorado State University, USA

foto Cristina Bloj

Yanina Welp

Main researcher of the Centre for Democracy Studies at the Universität Zürich


Yves Cabannes

Emeritus professor at the University College London


Dominique Ollivier

President of the Public Consultation Office of Montreal, Canada