22nd IOPD Conference

Participatory Democracy for Diverse, Inclusive and Transparent Cities

The 22nd IOPD Conference will take place in Rio de Janeiro, between the 6th and 8th of November. The conference will bring together local politicians, practitioners, academics and political activists to discuss and reflect on the state of participatory democracy in the world through keynotes, debates, roundtables and immersive dynamics.

Aiming to ensure democratic participation and popular engagement in local governance, the 2023 IOPD Conference will be based on three key pillars, with a special focus on children's involvement: diversity, inclusion and transparency.

The 2023 edition will aim to think about strategies to create more equitable participatory processes, ensure the implementation of an open government agenda, recognize and enable the participation of local communities, in particular groups that are not normally heard. Within this context, smart participation and the fight against disinformation will also be addressed in a transversal way.

At the end of the event, the Municipality of Rio hopes to have boosted and inspired the implementation of strategies that improve social participation processes, with a view to building more just, democratic and egalitarian cities, where people, including children, are active agents in the development and implementation of public policies.

IED CREDITS Rio - IOPD 2023 Logo/Seal

For more information, please contact the organising team at oidp.rio2023@gmail.com.