Antiracist Early Childhood - how to advance antiracist public policies

Antiracist Early Childhood - how to advance antiracist public policies

Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro, Rede Global de Cidades Antirracistas & UNICEF


  • Immaculada Prieto: UNICEF
  • Maíra Souza: Official of Child Development in Early Childhood at UNICEF Brazil
  • Yago Feitosa: Head of Racial Equality Promotion Department/Rio de Janeiro City Council
  • Rose Santos: Coordinator of Recife's Comprehensive Health Policy for the Black Population
  • Oilda Rejane: Secretariat for Reparations (SEMUR)/Municipal Government of Salvador
  • Elisa Lucas Rodrigues: Executive Secretary for Racial Equality / São Paulo City Council
  • Edilson Moura: Deputy Mayor of the City of Belém, Pará

Session Schedule

  • Welcome, Immaculada Prieto (UNICEF) (3 min)
  • Facilitation: Provoking Action in Network, Yago Feitosa (CPIR/Municipality of Rio de Janeiro) (3 min)
  • Mediation: Why an Antiracist Early Childhood?, Maira Souza (UNICEF) (6 min)
  • Experiences, Challenges, and Commitments of the Cities, Comments from Invited Municipalities (25 min in total - 5 min each): São Paulo, SP; Salvador, BA; Recife, PE; Belém, PA; Rio de Janeiro, RJ 
  • Questions and Answers, open to the public with a moderator (23 min - 3 min for questions, 4 min for responses from each city)

Report of the session (PDF)

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