Participatory Budgeting across the Globe: diffusion, transformations and impact

Participatory Budgeting across the Globe: diffusion, transformations and impact

Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA),  People Powered and Secretária-Geral da Presidência do Brasil

  • Brian Wampler: Professor of Public Scholarship and Engagement, Office of the President at Boise State University, and Professor of Political Science in the School of Public Service
  • Luiza Jardim: People Powered’s capacity-building programs and resources, planning and executing mentorship programs and supporting other activities with the participatory democracy community
  • Carla de Paiva Bezerra: Director of Digital Participation and Network Communication at the General Secretariat of the Brazilian Presidency of the Republic, being responsible for the Brasil Participativo Platform
  • Igor Ferraz da Fonseca: senior researcher at the Institute of Applied Economic Research - IPEA and a Collaborating Professor at the Department of Public Policy Management at the University of Brasília - UnB

Panel in Presentation Style:

  • A 5 minute introduction of the topic and panelists by the moderator (Igor Fonseca)
  • Each panelist has 15 minutes of uninterrupted sharing of his or her perspective on the topic, 
  • Brian Wampler (Boise State University) presenter
  • Luiza Jardim (People Powered) presenter
  • Carla Bezerra (Institute for Applied Economic Research - Ipea) presenter
  • The discussant Igor Fonseca (Coordinator of Democracy and State-Civil Society Interactions at the IPEA) has 10 minutes to present reflexions and curated questions
  • 15 minutes of Q&A ending with a summary and thanks.

Presentation by Luiza Jardim (PDF)

Presentation by Carla de Paiva (PDF)

Presentation by Brian Wampler, Stephanie McNulty, Michal Touchton (PDF)

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