Federal voting of May 21 2017 in Switzerland

Vote results: Energy Law

Swiss voted on whether to support the federal government's plan to overhaul Switzerland's energy system. The plan was accepted by 58.2% of voters.

The results were in line with most poll predictions leading up to the vote.

Support for the plan was widespread. Majorities of voters supported the plan in 22 of Switzerland's 26 cantons. Those in French-speaking Switzerland showed higher support than the rest of Switzerland. The three cantons most in favour: Vaud (73.5%), Geneva (72.5%) and Neuchâtel (69.6%), are all French-speaking.

Of the next four: Basel-City (63.4%), Valais (63.4%), Fribourg (63.2%), and Jura (62.9%), only Basel-City is not francophone or majority francophone.

Majorities in the cantons of Schwyz (44.2% in favour), Glarus (43.7%), Aargau (48.2%) and Obwalden (49.8%), were all against the plan.

Architects of the vote, the Swiss People's Party (UDC / SVP), said in a statement that while it was disappointed by the result, the referendum had nevertheless pointed out the heavy costs the government's energy strategy. Adding that the party's late start meant they were unable compete with years of "official propaganda" in favour of this "dangerous" energy plan.

The voter participation rate across Switzerland was 42.4%.