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The IOPD Presidency and the Technical Secretariat are the two basic bodies that have existed since the IOPD network was constituted. Both offices are held by associate members of the network, i.e. by cities or local governments that belong to the IOPD.

The internal regulations affecting the operations of both offices were drawn up in 2006 to provide the network with a clear, objective structure. The relevant protocols establish the responsibilities of the Presidency and the Technical Secretariat and the procedures for electing them to office:

The Technical Secretariat is responsible for carrying out the daily work of the network, managing the website and the media library, issuing publications, preparing, organizing and promoting the IOPD's own initiatives, and helping to organize the annual international conference, as well as representing the IOPD before the different institutions with which the organization maintains relations.

A further body was created in 2004 to improve network efficiency. Its internal regulation was updated in 2009:

In view of the need to decentralise the organisation's structure and in order to improve its efficiency, in November 2011 a collaboration agreement was reached with the city of Porto Alegre to become the seat of the regional office of the OIDP for Latin America. This agreement will be based on the following points:

In line with this need, the International Observatory for Participatory Democracy Platform for Africa was launched in Dakar on December 2012. The initiative is coordinated by ENDA-Ecopop and at present is accessible online at  or

It is focused on the following 4 sections: