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IOPD Conference

The IOPD held an annually International Conference to discuss and reflect on the state of participatory democracy in the world. The Conference is organized by the city that holds the presidency of the organization, and defines the issues according to their priorities in this area. The conference brings together local, regional and nationals politicians, facilitator, academics and political activists. These seminars consist of lectures, panel discussions around specific issues, parallel exchange sessions and multiple parallel meetings between participants.

IOPD Conference is a gathering of experts in the field of participation and political leaders who advocate a more participative local democracy. It is also an opportunity to promote cooperation between cities and international organizations in the field of democratic innovations.

In the framework of the Conference, the IOPD Assembly members is held.

IOPD conferences

17thMontreal (Canada) June 2017 – “Participation without exclusion”

This year, the theme “Participation without exclusion” invites us to reflect on the numerous obstacles to fully exercising citizenship and on the participation models that promote the expression of opinions and citizen contribution, and enable the greatest number of people to influence decision-making processes.

16th Matola (Mozambique)
May 2016

“Good governance and inclusive citizen participation”

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15th Madrid (Spain)
March 2015

“Open Government: Transparency and Citizen Participation"

14th Canoas (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) June 2014

"The radicalization of Democracy and Citizen Participation"

13th Cascais (Portugal)
July 2013

“Citizenship for sustainability”

12th Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) June 2012

"Democracy in the city and big urban transformations"

11th Lleida (Catalonia, Spain) April 2011

"New technologies and citizen participation. Civil society and communication tools”

10th Mexico City (Mexico) November 2010

“Global crisis, participatory democracy and local alternatives”

9th Reggio Emilia (Italy) November 2009

“Youth, citizens and participatory democracy”

8th La Paz (Bolivia) November 2008

“Interculturality and citizen participation. Inclusion and coexistence models for people”

7th Nanterre (France) November 2007

“The challenge of widening citizens’ participation in participatory democracy processes”

6th Recife (Pernambuco, Brazil) November 2006

“Participatory planning for the democratic construction of cities”


5th Donostia-San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain) November 2005

“Learning to participate and building citizenship"

4th Buenos Aires (Argentina) November 2004

3th Lille (France)
November 200

2nd Quezaltenango (Guatemala) November 2002

1st Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) November 2001