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The Aragon Open Government Laboratory (LAAAB) starts up

The Aragon Open Govern Laboratory is a project to promote the citizen participation in the information and knowledge society.

The Aragon Open Govern Laboratory is a project to promote the citizen participation in the information and knowledge society. It is a laboratory about democratic innovation for the open collaborative design of public politics. It was inspired in other govern laboratories such as GovLAB in New York, the MindLab in Denmark, among others.

LAAAB has 3 main objetives:

1.- Get the instituciones closer to the citizens.

2.- Open the institutions completely to the civil society

3.- Explore, research and experiment new models of public action.

Also, the LAAAB works in 5 lines of action:

1.- Participative processes. Open and collaborative design of public policies. LAAAB Methodology: work transversely for the creation of participative spaces between the local government and the citizens with a process based in empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping and testing.

2. LAAAB space. A citizen laboratory in the middle of the government: Ludic spaces and unusual to create working environments that generates a satisfactory social interaction.  

3. Social Network of the Open Government of Aragon: Creation of the website Aragon Open Government like a social media website with the action of 35 000 volunteers and almost 200 organizations, all the NGOs that implement cooperation projects to the development and the 65 aragon centers abroad.  In this site, the user can see the open processes, the processes where they participate o in which ones the participate in the past, follow their aportations, search all the documentation, among others.

4. LAAAB Blog - Open community of innovation: social network for the creation of communities among participants, experts, academics, entities, etc. where spaces will be opened about:

  1. Participation and right of choise

  2. Transparency and right to know

  3. Technopolitic

  4. Visualization and clear communication

  5. Learning and expanded education

  6. Methodology for collective inteligence

  7. Community, network and maping

5. Ecosystems of LAAAB projects: In addition of the open and collaborative design of public politics, the blog, the social network and the open community of innovation, the LAAAB wants to promote other working lines like citizen summits, atlas of neighbors innitiatives, participation schools and local entities participation platforms.


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