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A Coruña will host the IV Iberian Meeting of Democracy and Participatory Budget from the 4th to the 6th July

The event is organized by the Concello de Coruna, the Network of Participatory Cities, the Portuguese Network of Participatory Municipalities, the IOPD, ConsortiumLG In Loco and the Union of Iberian American Capital Cities


The IV Iberian Meeting of Democracy and Participatory Budget aims to be a space of exchange and reflection about the different participatory budget which is being carried out in all the peninsula. It also seeks to set a common agenda to deepen in the participatory democracy field.

It's structured in workshops and panels, which will enable to share the experiences carried out in different Iberian American territories. Workshops will be fostered to think and work about participatory diversity and its accessibility, paying special attention to collectives such as children, teenagers and people without digital autonomy. We will get to know Latin American experiences and we will also address other participatory democracy formulas which stand out because of their innovative perspective.

Apart from workshops, which will be carried out as a conversation between experiences, the meeting will include simultaneous panels which seek an active participation by all people enrolled, in order to find solutions to some of the challenges which these processes face: inclusion, diversity and gender equality in participatory budgets; the formation of different roles inside the process of participatory budgets; and mechanisms for a better transference between studies and practices.


In the meeting's framework, the IOPD will held an IOPD members workshop to discuss about the project of a local agenda for participation, the need to coordinate networks at the state level and the preparation of the IOPD Assembly 2018.

The meeting is open to all participants who want to say something about it. You can contact the IOPD secretary at the email address

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, 4th of July at 16h.


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The City Council of A Coruña and the Provincial Council of A Coruña will host the IV Iberian Meeting of Democracy and Participatory Budget with the collaboration of the Participatory Cities Network of Portugal and the technical support of IOPD, the Union of Ibero-american Capital Cities and Coglobal.

This meeting is the continuity of the ones already held since 2012 in Odemira, Mollina and Ponta Delgada. Like them, it aims to set a common Iberian agenda to deepen in the participatory democracy field.

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