International IDEA launches the 2019 Global State of Democracy

The 2019 International IDEA's report about the state of democracy is available !  

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) published its report The Global state of Democracy 2019 report: Addressing the Ills, Reviving the Promise, available here. This report provides an analysis of the current state of democracy around the world so it can be use as a technical support for the global democracy debates. The report is elaborated mainly from the IDEA's on-the-ground experiences.

The report analysis six key global challenges to democracy: the crisis of representation of political parties and the rise of populism; patterns and conditions of democratic backsliding; the empowerment of civil society in a shrinking civic space; managing electoral processes in challenging environments; corruption and the role of money in politics; and the impact of information communications technologies on democracy.


This year report alarms about a global democracy landscape both alarming and hopeful, as many regions of the world know democratic crisis. Indeed, the reports illustrates a global tendency, that quality of democracy is globally declining but many countries are transitioning to democracy. However the report provides tools to understand and take actions to support democracy.


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