Decidim, the digital platform, at the service of human rights entities in Barcelona

On November 21st, five human rights organizations signed an agreement allowing the use of Barcelona's digital platform Decidim for two years.

With Decidim, the city of Barcelona allows citizens to propose, debate, question, decide and collaborate for the realization of the various municipal actions that affect them. With this digital platform, the goal is to improve the quality of democracy and to provide citizens with tools to co-produce policies with institutions.

SOS Racisme Catalunya, Novact, the Catalan Institute of Human Rights, the Human Rights Observatory (DESC) and lrídia will be able to use the platform, allowing them to go beyond their organizational limits, to improve the forms of internal democracy and the interactions between organizations and institutions.

Marc Serra, Counselor for Rights to Citizenship, Participation and Social Justice and IOPD General Secretary signed the agreement. The goal is for other human rights associations in the city to gradually join.

The city council has already signed similar agreements with social, cultural and solidarity entities last April and with Localret, to share the Decidim platform with other cities in the metropolitan area.


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