NariƱo wins the 13th IOPD Award

The Province of Nariño, in Colombia, has been awarded at the closing ceremony of the 19th IOPD Conference with the prize "Good Practice in Citizen Participation". 

The local government of Nariño distinguished itself by the implementation of a political innovation exercise called "Nuevo Gobierno" (New Government) from the perspective of participatory democracy: a participatory budgeting so it to be the communities themselves, with a basis in their local needs, who chose from between these 12 proposals, in the case of the municipalities, and 18 for Gana Pasto. The aim of this project is to enable inclusion, empowerment and widespread citizen participation.

One of the aims of the experiment is to improve the quality of public decision making through participatory democracy mechanisms. The jury highlighted the innovative nature of the project and appreciated the mechanisms of participation, information and political accountability associated with processes that are both presential (voting days) and virtual (through ICT).

You can watch the delivery speech of the Nariño Governeur:

Special mention was also given to five other experiences by the jury:


  • Bogotá (Colombia): "Interactive Platform for monitoring commitments between citizens and public agencies: COLIBRÍ".

  • Bordeaux (France): "A Participatory Budget with the colours of sustainable development".

  • Medellin (Colombia): "New forms of participation in Local Planning and Participatory Budgeting".

  • Metz (France): "The dream city:, green, sustainable and caring" by the Children of Metz Municipal Council.

  • Eurocity Cerveira-Tomiño (Portugal and Spain): "Advocates for cross-border citizens".


The IOPD thanks all of the participants to the award !


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