39 proposals have been submitted to the 14th IOPD Award

Local and regional governments from 17 countries have shared their innovative experiences

39 proposals from 17 countries have been submitted within the deadline through the ParticipateOIDP platform. The Technical Secretariat will now certify each of the candidacies complies with the terms of the award before starting the first assessment phase. 

In light of the exceptional circumstances owing to the spread of COVID-19 and upon request of some cities, the deadline for submissions has been extended until March 24th 12.00 PM (noon) GMT. The Technical Secretariat will enquire the IOPD Coordination Committee regarding the reschedule of the assessment procedures. Members will be notified upon starting the assessment phase. 

The IOPD will keep striving for being a benchmark centre for local and regional governments as well as civil society organisations in the field of democratic innovations.  


IOPD Technical Secretariat 

Barcelona, 18th March, 2020