The Alcobendas City Council creates a School of Citizen Participation and Innovation

In Alcobendas (Madrid) the town council offers the general public training in participation. At the moment, 5 courses are offered online

The Alcobendas City Council, to the north of Madrid, has created the School of Citizen Participation and Innovation, whose purpose is to "promote social exchanges and encourage a critical and participatory sense among citizens in the construction of a model that seeks to convert information into knowledge, and this into participation and commitment to transformative innovation".

The courses, designed and taught by experts in the field (city council staff, NGOs, etc.), are aimed at the general public, whether individuals, associations or other interested groups. Due to the current situation regarding physical distancing measures, all courses will be held online until regulations allow for face-to-face teaching.

As of June 2020, the school has 5 courses to which anyone can register online (In search of conscious citizenship: activating citizen participation; Participation in Alcobendas; Participation in Alcobendas: activating subsidies from the couch; From the 80s to the digital transition of our associationActivating the 2030 agenda: towards the Sustainable Development Goals), but there is the possibility of making proposals to complete the training offer.

According to the council, this initiative "aims to build a model that converts information, science and culture into knowledge, and this into participation and commitment to transformative innovation in the city.


For more information, visit the school's official website.