The OCPM announces the consultation on the University of Montreal development project

Since it is located in Mount Royal and the plan proposes modifications to the Master Plan, a consultation with the OCPM is required



City Council mandated the Office de consultation publique de Montréal, at its meeting of 14 December, 2020, to consult the population on the draft regulations "on the development, conservation and development of the mountain campus of the Université de Montréal and affiliated schools" as well as the "Regulation modifying the Master Plan of the City of Montréal".


In particular, the project plans to preserve the conservation and ecological enhancement sectors, allow for expansion and outdoor development projects, ensure a reduction in the number of parking units and allow for the upgrading of buildings to meet standards. These projects are located within the boundaries of the declared heritage site of Mount Royal, and therefore certain provisions of the draft regulation are also subject to referendum approval.


Interested citizens will also be invited to give their opinion on the future development of the campus, the conservation of the natural, landscape, architectural and cultural heritage, sustainable development, the objectives for the recognition of the Aboriginal presence, the proposed pedestrian and bicycle links, and the redevelopment of vehicular traffic.


The consultation will be carried out in a format adapted to health circumstances and will allow citizens to obtain information and give their opinion from a distance using various methods. 



The consultation will begin with a virtual information session on February 10 at 7 p.m. This session will be broadcast live on, Facebook, Twitter/Periscope and YouTube (@ocpmontreal), and will also be available as a replay. It will present the consultation process as well as information videos prepared by the City and the University of Montreal. Citizens and groups will then be able to send their questions online or by telephone. These questions will be answered during a second virtual session with representatives of the City and the University, again broadcast live, on February 24, starting at 7 p.m. Other questions may also be submitted live by telephone on that evening.


From 25 February 25 to 5 April, citizens and groups will be able to give their opinions online, by mail or by telephone message. They will have until March 18 to inform the OCPM of their wish to present this opinion before the Commissioners at the opinion hearing sessions. The sessions will be held from 23 March onwards, virtually and in person, if health regulations allow it.


The OCPM is making additional participation options available to citizens in order to ensure the accessibility of the consultation. If someone cannot participate online, it is advisable to call the OCPM, which will propose various ways of participating: in writing (request for the postal kit, printed documentation and stamped reply envelope, between February and March), by telephone (from 25 February to 4 April) or in person, respecting social distancing and if the health instructions allow it.


Finally, the commission will examine all the opinions heard and all the documents submitted, and will present its analysis and recommendations to the elected officials in the consultation report.


You will find all the documents you need to get informed and participate here.


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