UCLG Retreat & Campus takes place 15-22 February

The discussions that will take place during the week-long gathering will aim at showcasing how our communities are working for the people, for the planet, for government, and for the future.


The UCLG Annual Retreat is a week-long gathering that provides an opportunity for the keynotes of the World Organisation UCLG and partners to define synergies and develop actions in line with the work plans set out by the governing bodies. In 2021, it will take place on-line, 15-22 February.

The global scope of the 2021 Retreat will also be in full display in the sessions led by our UCLG Sections, who will each have a moment to share their priorities and visions. We will also be able to witness the leadership of UCLG spearheading transformation in the meeting of the Presidency.

After the adoption of the mandate to develop a Pact for the Future, the UCLG Retreat will encourage participants to think outside the box, to envision the future that we want in the coming years, the visions towards 2021, and for the renewal of our Strategic Priorities in 2022.

The Retreat will offer participants some of the classic features with a digital twist: a warm networking hub for bilateral meetings and a virtual welcome desk to guide participants in the global retreat. Unique content will be shared via UCLG TV. 

To make the most and fully engage in the gathering, we recommend that you read the political documents that have been developed over the previous year: UCLG Decalogue for the COVID-19 era and the Rome Charter. We also encourage participants to explore the LLE knowledge hub, in which they will be able to witness the shared knowledge of our Live Learning Experiences, which drive our upcoming Pact for the Future. 



UCLG Retreat 2021