The IOPD will host a webinar on the Contributions of Participatory Budgeting to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Next 20 April the IOPD will host an online webinar on the tole of participatory budgeting in ecological transtion

In coordination with IOPD Africa and Yves Cabannes, Professor Emeritus of the University of London, IOPD is organizing a series of webinars on the role of participatory budgeting in mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change.

These webinars are being organized following the publication of the study "Contributions of participatory budgeting  to climate change mitigation and adaptation", coordinated by Yves Cabannes (UCL/DPU) and co-edited by several partners such as FDMV, the Kota Kita Foundation and Enda Ecopop.


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This report is based on the contributions of two international events on the contributions of participatory budgeting to climate change adaptation and mitigation. It is also based on the participatory budget initiatives of 15 participating cities and regions from different continents. Its first objective is to describe and understand what is actually happening on the ground and to explore to what extent these experiences are contributing to climate change adaptation and mitigation, how they are doing so, and the current challenges faced by the actors involved in the action.

This webinar in English follows seminars held in February and March in French and Spanish, and future webinars will be organized in Portuguese. In each seminar, the conclusions of the report are presented, presentations are made on specific cases of cities and regions and a debate is opened with the rest of the participants on the challenges and opportunities of participatory policies to face the ecological transition. 

Location: Online

Time: 12:00-14:00 CET

Cost: Free

Language: English

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