UCLG will organize on April 30th a session on Intermediary Cities and reinventing local democracy

The IOPD is collaborating in this first consultation session in preparation for the 2nd Intermediary Cities Forum.

This session on April 30th at 14h CEST will focus on receiving input from local and regional governments, partners and experts from the different regions, and discussing what elements to bring to the Intermediary Cities Forum.


The ultimate goal of this specific consultation session is to contribute to the UCLG Pact for the Future through a Code of Conduct for/by Intermediary Cities, on governance and democracy, to find ways to alleviate the social pressure of the crisis in Intermediary Cities, on the one hand, and to enhance the capacity given to the human value of rethinking local democracy, as a critical line in drawing the post-COVID world, in terms of resilient citizenship.


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