SAVE THE DATE for 2023 IOPD Conference

The 22nd International Observatory Participatory Democracy Conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro from 6 - 8 November  2023

The 2023 Conference will be organised in the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 6 to 8 November with the leadership of the Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro under the theme "Participatory Democracy for Diverse, Inclusive and Transparent Cities", the 2023 Conference aims to explore in depth the participatory practices that promote diversity, inclusion and transparency in the elaboration and implementation of public policies, combating disinformation and preserving of democracy as transversal guidelines in its agenda.

Through technical sessions and high-level institutional debates, the IOPD Conference offers a broad discussion arena for cities thanks to the participation of relevant national and international actors. During plenary sessions, parallel sessions, interactive activities and the IOPD Award ceremony, delegates from signatory cities will have the opportunity to exchange, debate and learn about successful participatory methodologies and practices and explore how participatory democracy can be a lever to achieve a fairer world.

We invite all IOPD members as well as all local and regional governments, civil society organizations and international partners committed to reinforcing democracy, local democratic governance to save the date to participate in this Conference.