149 applications submitted for the 17th IOPD Award 2023!

New record number of applications received in this new edition of the Award "Best Practice in Citizen Participation."

The Technical Secretariat of the International Observatory of Participatory Democracy (IOPD) is pleased to announce a new record number of submitted applications for the IOPD "Best Practice in Citizen Participation" Award. In this seventeenth edition of 2023, 149 nominations from 35 countries were submitted.

We thank everyone who made this exceptional result possible and are pleased to bring together the latest innovations in participatory democracy worldwide at the local, regional, and supra-local levels.

We invite you to discover all these practices on the ParticipateOIDP platform, where you will find them organized according to the three categories: 

We announce that the first evaluation phase is now open. The jury will evaluate the applications according to three categories (deliberation, decision, and citizenship) to select the finalists. As established in the terms and conditions of the award, 40 proposals will be selected for the final phase. We expect to know the names of these 40 finalists by the first week of July.

Voting will be open to the public from the first week of September. We will be back soon with more information. 

These are the local, regional, and supra-local governments that participated: