You can now vote for your favourite practice for the 17th IOPD Award!

Open voting is available until September 12. You have to choose at least 5 nominations to validate your vote.

We are pleased to announce that the open evaluation phase to vote among the 40 finalist nominations for the 17th OIDP Distinction 2023 is available until September 12th at 12.00 GMT on the ParticipateOIDP platform, where you can also find the 149 nominations submitted in this edition with their respective fact sheet with translations available in English, French and Spanish.

In order to vote, you must first register on the ParticipateOIDP platform (registration link), where you can also ask questions and comment on the experiences. For your vote to be valid, you must choose a minimum of 5 nominations. 

We encourage you to participate in the open voting phase and discover these innovative experiences!

Once the voting period is over, the jury of experts will meet to deliberate on the winning good practice, taking into account the result of the open voting. The proposal with the most votes will be awarded at least with a special mention.

For more information, please consult the terms of the award or write to us at, where we will be happy to assist you.