Join the online session "Safeguarding SDG 11.3.2"

Join us the 22 May, 16h-17h Europe (CEST) / 17h-18h EAT (NBO time)

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 indicator 11.3.2, "Proportion of cities with a direct participation structure of civil society in urban planning and management that operate regularly and democratically," is at risk of being removed from the SDG Global Database due to the lack of data: today less than 30% of countries are monitoring this indicator. 



To safeguard the indicator, UN-Habitat has developed a new tool in the Our City Plans platform: a participatory urban planning methodology in the form of a user-friendly survey to gather data from at least 50% of countries by June 2024. Our City Plans is also mobilising a campaign to invite stakeholders from five sectors -civil society, government, private sector, academia and professional bodies- to answer the survey. 


Since the indicator 11.3.2 is one of the few SDG indicators which speak directly to local action, the International Observatory on Participatory Democracy (IOPD) and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) are joining this campaign, leveraging local and regional governments' action through the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments (GTF). 


Together with UN-Habitat, UCLG, and GTF, the IOPD is organising "Safeguarding SDG 11.3.2 indicator on civic engagement and participation," an online event to encourage participants and stakeholders to secure more data points and share the campaign with other networks and partners.


The event will take place on 22 May , at 16h-17h Europe (CEST) / 17h-18h EAT (NBO time). You can register on this link or by scanning this QR code. 



ACT NOW and join us to rescue SDG 11.3.2 and safeguard a more participatory and inclusive urban planning!