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Participatory Budgeting Project in Jordan

The "Participatory Budging, People Voice in numbers" is a 16 months project funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan.

The project works in 6 municipalities in Jordan (2 in the North region, 2 in the center region, and 2 in the south region) and aims at "enhancing the opportunities for public participation in the budgeting process as well as to improve public access to timely and accurate information on Municipal budgets and expenditures"

Throughout the implementation of the project, Partners-Jordan managed to conduct several activities in order to raise awareness of civil society organizations, local community members and municipality staff, on developing participatory municipal budgets and its importance, through conducting awareness workshops in the selected municipalities.

More importantly, Partners-Jordan managed to build up and develop the budgets of the six selected municipalities in accordance with peoples priority needs in the six-targeted municipalities. And was able to designate 105,000 JOD for people priorities in Fuhis Municipality, 120,300JOD in Nao'or Municipality, 25,000JOD in Naseem Municipality, 29,000JOD in Kafarat Municipality, 13,00JOD in Shehan Municipality and finally 1,104,00JOD designated for people priorities in Karak Municipality.