The IOPD Secretary- General meets with the Comptroller General of Mexico City

Carles Agustí, IOPD General-Secretary and Commissioner of Citizen Participation and Associations of Barcelona City Council has met with the Comptroller General of the city of Mexico DF, Attorney Hiram Almeida Estrada. And they have reached an agreement to start work between the two cities in terms of citizen participation, open government and citizen involvement and partnerships in the tasks of government.

The Comptroller General of the Federal District is the area of Mexico City Government responsible for monitoring the quality of management, citizen participation and political anticorruption. According to the Commissioner, "His philosophy of action and the project is the same as ours, starting from a situation of crisis policy is resolved by opening governments and involving the public in the responsibilities of government." The Comptroller received a special mention in the 8th IOPD Distinction "Best Practice in Citizen Participation".

In this meeting they exchanged concerns and models of transparency and citizen participation in Barcelona and Mexico City to find cooperation and exchange of experiences between the two cities.