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Participatory Urban Planning

Participatory urban planning has a strong potential to transform the city and its neighbourhoods. However, it must be well planned if it is to be successful. This guidebook lays out the general aspects of the process developed by the MUEC. Its goal is to equip stakeholders and citizens by providing them with an overview of the steps to take and the players to include. The guidebook also presents the available tools and resources. 

Production and Writing Team: Montréal Urban Ecology Centre 
Anne Juillet, planning adviser 
Geneviève Rajotte Sauriol, communications adviser 
Annie Rochette, public policy adviser 

MUEC team contributors: Tristan Bougie, Alexandra Coelho, Odile Craig, Isabelle Gaudette, Moussa Sène 
Paul Gilbert, editor, Mixcom 

Reading Committee:
Marie-Hélène Armand, planning adviser, Service des infrastructures, du transport et de l’environnement, Ville de Montréal 
Rotem Ayalon, food and planning adviser, Québec en Forme

Mikey Bennington, Project Manager : Research Lead, Toronto Centre for Acttive Transportation 

Isabelle Boucher, urban planner, ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Occupation du territoire 

Celia Lee, Active Neighborhood project Leads facilitator, Sustainable Calgary 

Éric Martin, community facilitator, Comité des citoyens et citoyennes du quartier Saint-Sauveur 

Sophie Paquin, urban planning and public health adviser, Direction de santé publique de Montréal 

Graphic Design: Andrée-Ann Cloutier, graphic artist 

English Translation: Joshua Wolfe, cert. trans. 

English Reading Committee: Alexandra Coelho, Roxanne LeBlanc, Car Martin and Judy Murphy