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Participatory Budgeting

  • Macau SAR China
  • Maputo City Council
This experience was presented as candidate for the IOPD Award for Best Practices in Citizen Participation 2015.


The main objective of the Participatory Budget in the city of Maputo, is to create a space of democratic life, guided by the political debate and decision-making on the allocation of public resources for municipal development.

To achieve this, the PB promotes:

- Encourage methodically participation of citizens in the political life of the city and in identifying and solving local problems, listening to their concerns and priorities of neighborhoods;

- Enabling citizens to decide, together with the Municipal Council of the investments identified through participatory process;

- Coordinate with grassroots organizations to mobilize citizen participation in public activities;

- Start a new logic of allocating public resources, giving priority to low-income groups, and strengthen solidarity and cooperation between different social groups participating.