Experience of socio-spatial mapping of vulnerabilities and social resilience in Costa Rica


Costa Rica

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participatory budgeting participatory planning diagonisis space/workshop...


SDG 9 SDG 10 SDG 11 SDG 16

The local government of Aserri in Costa Rica in one of the finalists of the 13th edition of the IOPD Award "Best Practice in Citizen Participation". 


The aim of the socio-spatial mapping of vulnerabilities and social resilience  (+ IVRET) experience is to have geo-spatialized information to implement participatory budgeting and local development planning. 


The socio-spatial mapping of vulnerabilities and social resilience experience objective is to have a global understanding of territories vulnerabilities - usually axed on the influence of climatic phenomenon and economic activities on territories - and of social resilience - generally axed on a territory strengths to resist to it. It focuses on the binome society-natural phenomena and on its way of interrelations before events with exceptional impacts. 

The experience consist in a written report and a vulnerabilities and social resilience recognition map distributed to local governments, and the organisation of a participatory workshop. The experience was set up through the Tarbaca Development Association and the Tarbaca District Council, that summoned intern committees. The experience was articulated through aspects such as calls to participate, collect of proposals and results evaluation.

The informations obtained were useful to other local procedures such as the inter institutional articulation and the provision of technical informations for a cooperative project with the US embassy in Costa Rica.  

With this experience the quality of public decisions was improved, and the variables associated with internal control, urban planning, citizen participation and responsibility have been improved in the assessment carried out each year by the Costa Rican State Controller (Comptroller General of the Republic).


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