Citizens of Haute-Garonne will jointly design their society of tomorrow




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The French Department starts a public consultation process to decide how public policy should adapt to the needs of its citizens after the coronavirus pandemic


The council of the department intends to collect citizens' views on how to adapt, change and prioritise public and collective action, no only during but especially after the health crisis. To achieve this, the Department has committed to to analyse all the contributions and elaborate a public summary that will highlight the diversity of the citizens' proposals.


Every inhabitant of the department is allowed to participate in the consultation process by creating an account online. The council will moderate the comments in order to ensure they fit the proposed topics on the basis of this terms.

As of today, the website is the only way to take part in the citizen dialogue, but the council has enabled several special, simplified sites: for the elderly, for households with low-speed internet connections, and for those who need an accessible site. Furthermore, an ecological version is available, which reduces the environmental impact of using the website.


The Department of Haute-Garonne relies on citizen participation since 2015, with actions having undertaking as a result of such methods in all departmental policies. In 2018, the council launched the "Haute-Garonne Demain" initiative with similar aims.

Now, starting from the 13th May and until the 30th June 2020, the website "Société d'après" allows inhabitants of the Department to actively participate in the design of public policies to overcome the crisis and build a better, more sustainable future. According to Georges Méric, the president of Haute-Garonne, the process is aimed at achieving "a fairer, more humanistic society which respects our biosphere".

The portal provides different ways to engage with the process:

  • Submitting your own proposal

  • Leaving a comment in the discussion section of each proposal

  • Subscribe to a proposal to be notified when other participants react to it

  • Voting a proposal to support it

The measures that emerge as a result of this consultation process will be made public in September.

There is an special section for each topic, where citizens, before posting, can inform themselves thanks to several resources available: previous consultation processes, read official reports and check the most relevant actions of the council in that regard. The 10 topics are:

  • Revitalizing the territory for greater proximity

  • Strengthening solidarity between individuals and between territories

  • Strengthening public services

  • Getting around: rethinking mobility

  • Articulating professional, family and leisure time life

  • Inhabiting the territory: new housing issues

  • Protecting our health and environment

  • Consume and produce locally

  • Learning and training

  • Participate in public and associative life

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