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City of Sidney

Type of experience

participatory planning diagonisis space/workshop... e-government, open government


urban planning environment and climate action local development


SDG 11

It is the web space of the City of Sydney where all consultations are displayed, especially related to urban planning, public space, parks... The portal collects each process, the information and documentation related and offers all the opportunities for participation through online forms, contact telephone or scheduled meetings.


The objective is to facilitate citizen participation in city planning and make it a more inclusive and democratic process.


On the site you can find the consultation processes open to comments and those under review. In the second ones, the city staff analyzes the comments and proposals from the public to improve the process.


This is an example of how citizens can provide their opinions and comments:


  • Through a specific form for each consultation or process.
  • Through group activities organized by the community.
  • By sending an e-mail
  • By speaking directly with the technicians and people in charge of the project being consulted on

For each process there is one or more project officers responsible for follow-up and their contact information is publicly available on the website so that citizens can contact that person directly.


Some examples of processes and open forms so that citizens can contribute to improve city policies and projects



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