Macedonia Open Government National Action Plan 2016-2018


Republic of Macedonia has continually worked on achieving improved efficient operation of state institutions, increased transparency and public access to information, anti-corruption work and high quality public services to citizens and businesses by using technology and innovation powers.
Given the accessing to global voluntarily initiative for Open Government Partnership, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia committed and confirmed to undertake pioneering effort to continually improve its work based on open, transparent, accountable and efficient government institutions at all levels that include citizens participation. The responsibilities in respect of transparent government activities, as well as inclusion of civil and private sector are high priorities in the Government agenda. The civil sector has enormous creative energy that should be used more actively in the public sector by improving and fostering the culture involvement and respect to citizens' rights in the policy creating and decision making processes, law drafting and public access to information. Furthermore, Open Government Partnership has a strong impact on innovations, development and competitiveness.
Over the recent years, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia has aimed on promoting government transparency, greater citizen participation and involvement in the decision making process, introducing higher integrity standards and greater public access to technology for all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia. With 2016-2018 National Open Government Partnership Action Plan, Republic of Macedonia continues its commitment for active work on the priorities related to participatory policy creating at central and local levels, integrity, open data, fiscal transparency, freedom to information namely with fewer but measurable realistic and predictable achievements.